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Baliwag Lechon Menu – Price Of 2024 in the Philippines!

When you think about enjoying the delicious food from the Philippines, one famous place is Baliwag. It’s known for its tasty dishes and friendly service.

Renowned for its mouthwatering dishes and warm hospitality, Baliwag Lechon Menu proudly showcases the best of Filipino cuisine. Since the Philippines has a lot of islands, there’s plenty of seafood available, and Baliwag makes sure to use it well.

They have lots of seafood dishes like sour soup with shrimp and grilled milkfish with tasty sauces. If you love seafood, Baliwag is the perfect place to enjoy the freshest catches cooked with care and passion.

Join us for a culinary adventure of the Baliwag Lechon Menu that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more!

Baliwag Menu Philippines – Check The Latest Price!

Baliwag understands that people have different diets, so they’ve added vegetarian and vegan dishes to their Baliwag Lechon Menu. Now, along with their famous lechon, you can enjoy options like Ginataang Langka, made with jackfruit cooked in coconut milk, and Pinakbet, a flavorful mixed vegetable stew. 

1. Baliwag Greats Menu With Prices

Lechon Mark₱ 400.00
Liempo₱ 320.00
Crispy Pata₱ 650.00
Crispy Ulo₱ 760.00
Pork BBQ₱ 160.00
Pork Sisig₱ 280.00
Baliwag Bagnet₱ 440.00

2. Baliwag Sizzlers Prices

Bangus Ala Pobre₱ 265.00
Bangus Sisig₱ 240.00
Beef Ala Pobre₱ 340.00
Sizzling Bangus Belly₱ 285.00
Chicken Sisig₱255.00
Gambas₱ 355.00
Garlic Mushroom₱ 200.00
Guising Guising₱ 220.00
Sizzling Kangkong₱ 150.00
Pusit Ala Pobre₱ 410.00
Sizzling Pusit₱ 345.00
Tanigue Steak₱ 300.00
Tokwa₱ 180.00
Tuna Sisig₱ 315.00

3. Baliwag Merienda Menu Prices

Bihon Guisado₱ 180.00
Chicken Arrozcaldo₱ 130.00
Chicken Mami₱ 145.00
Goto₱ 130.00
Lomi₱ 155.00
Lumpiang Sariwa₱ 145.00
Miki Bihon₱ 190.00
Palabok₱ 170.00
Pancit Canton₱ 180.00
Sotanghon Guisado₱ 185.00
Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce₱ 180.00
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce₱ 180.00
Clubhouse Sabdwich₱ 180.00

4. Baliwag Chicken Prices

Buttered Chicken₱ 295.00
Buttered Chicken Full₱ 495.00
Chicken BBQ₱ 170.00
Fried Chicken Half₱ 260.00
Fried Chicken Whole₱ 435.00
Sizzling Baliwag Fried Chicken₱ 270.00
Spicy Buffalo Wings₱ 260.00

5. Baliwag Pork Menu Prices

Bicol Express₱ 295.00
Dinakdakan₱ 240.00
Dinuguan₱ 260.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 265.00
Paksiw Na Lechon₱ 280.00
Roast Pork with Mushroom₱ 280.00
Stir Fried Pork₱ 270.00
Binagoongang Baboy₱ 290.00

6. Baliwag Exotic Kambing Delicacies Prices

Adobong Kambing₱ 390.00
Kalderetang Kambing₱ 420.00
Kinilaw na Kambing₱ 320.00
Papaitang Kambing₱ 380.00

7. Baliwag Appetizers Menu Prices

Baked Mussels₱ 180.00
Calamares₱ 280.00
Cheesesticks₱ 180.00
Chicharon Special₱ 45.00
Chicharon Lollipop₱ 250.00
Crispy Hipon₱ 220.00
Crispy Kangkong₱ 140.00
Crispy Onion Rings₱ 200.00
Crispy Squidlets₱ 305.00
Crispy Tenga₱ 230.00
Cucumber Salad₱ 230.00
Ensaladang Mangga₱ 150.00
Fish Lumpia₱ 180.00
French Fries₱ 130.00
Garlic Peanuts₱ 100.00
Kilawing Tanigue₱ 280.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 195.00
Mangga’t Bagoong₱ 150.00
Nachos₱ 210.00
Tokwa’t Baboy₱ 200.00
Sinuglaw₱ 615.00
Sizzling Hotdog₱ 185.00

8. Baliwag Grilled Prices

Boneless Bangus₱ 215.00
Hito with Buro₱ 230.00
Inihaw Festival₱ 840.00
Inihaw na Buntot ng Tuna₱ 140.00
Inihaw na Tilapia₱ 190.00
Stuffed Lumot₱ 390.00
Tuna Belly₱ 330.00
Inihaw na Pusit₱ 360.00
Stuffed Bangus₱ 250.00

9. Baliwag Beef Menu Prices

Beef Caldereta₱ 395.00
Beef with Mushroom₱ 345.00
Bistek Tagalog₱ 340.00
Bulalo Steak₱ 390.00
Kare-Kare₱ 435.00
Kare-Kare Laman₱ 450.00
Salpicao₱ 340.00

10. Baliwag Vegetable Prices

Chopsuey₱ 205.00
Ensaladang Talong₱ 145.00
Kangkong with Bagoong₱ 135.00
Pinakbet₱ 200.00
Stir-Fried Vegetables₱ 160.00
Vegetable Kare-kare₱ 250.00
Tortang Talong₱ 160.00

11. Baliwag Pancit Bilao Menu Prices

Bihon Small₱ 390.00
Bihon Medium₱ 610.00
Bihon Large₱ 810.00
Canton Small₱ 425.00
Canton Medium₱ 620.00
Canton Large₱ 895.00
Miki-Bihon Small₱ 390.00
Miki-Bihon Medium₱ 620.00
Miki-Bihon Large₱ 910.00
Palabok Small₱ 390.00
Palabok Medium₱ 620.00
Palabok Large₱ 995.00
Sotanghon Small₱ 400.00
Sotanghan Medium₱ 655.00
Sotanghan Large₱ 930.00
Spaghetti carbonara Small₱ 560.00
Spaghetti Carbonara Medium₱ 830.00
Spaghetti Carbonara Large₱ 1080.00
Spaghetti Meat Sauce Small₱ 560.00
Spaghetti Meat Sauce Medium₱ 830.00
Spaghetti Meat Sauce Large₱ 1080.00


Adobong Hito₱ 230.00
Adobong Hito sa Gata₱ 255.00
Crispy Buntot ng Tuna₱ 140.00
Crispy Hito with Buro₱ 240.00
Halabos na Hipon₱ 250.00
Nilasing na Hipon₱ 240.00
Paksiw na Bangus Belly₱ 285.00
Prawns in Coconut Milk₱ 310.00
Prawns in Garlic₱ 290.00
Pinaputok na Tilapia₱ 250.00
Rellenong Bangus₱ 315.00
Steamed Tilapia with Garlic Sauce₱ 220.00

13 Baliwag Soup Menu Prices

Batchoy Pinoy₱ 250.00
Bulalo₱ 380.00
Cream of Asparagus₱ 165.00
Cream of Corn₱ 175.00
Cream of Mushroom₱ 175.00
Hototai₱ 240.00
Nilagang Baka₱ 350.00
Seafood Chowder₱ 260.00
Sinampalukang Manok₱ 265.00
Sinigang na Baboy₱ 315.00
Sinigang na Bangus Belly₱ 310.00
Sinigang na Butont ng Tuna₱ 280.00
Sinigang na Sugpo₱ 310.00
Sinigang Salmon Belly₱ 300.00
Sinigang na Ulo ng Maya Maya₱ 420.00

14. Baliwag Rice Meals Prices

Caldereta with Plain Rice₱ 270.00
Chicken BBQ with Java Rice₱ 255.00
Dinuguan with Plain Rice₱ 200.00
Fried Chicken with Plain Rice₱ 200.00
Fried Tilapia with Plain Rice₱ 240.00
Beef Kare-Kare with Plain Rice₱ 290.00
Pork BBQ java Rice₱ 245.00

15. Baliwag Rice & Extras Menu Prices

Siomai₱ 33.00
Special Atsara₱ 62.00
Aysara₱ 28.00
Sarsa₱ 7.000
Sarsa 50 gram₱ 3.50
Steamed Rice₱ 12.00
Chicharon Plain₱ 35.00
Chicharon Spicy₱ 35.00
Chicharon Laman₱ 110.00
Special Baliwag Bagoong₱ 95.00
Chili Hot Baliwag Bagoong₱ 85.00
White Egg₱ 7.50
Salted Egg₱ 12.00
Sinandomeng Rice₱ 52.00

Baliwag Desserts Prices

Leche Flan₱ 35.00

16. Baliwag Shakes Menu Prices

Carrot Shake₱ 100.00
Fruit Shakes₱ 140.00
Vanilla Milk Shake₱ 190.00
Strawberry Milk Shake₱ 190.00
Chocolate Milk Shake₱ 190.00

17. Baliwag Juice & Others’ Prices

Brewed Coffee₱ 50.00
Calamansi Juice₱ 70.00
Dalandan Juice₱ 70.00
Four Seasons₱ 110.00
Fresh Buko₱ 70.00
Guyabano Juice₱ 70.00
Hot Choco₱ 65.00
Hot Tea₱ 50.00
Iced Tea₱ 45.00
Iced Tea by the Pitcher₱ 180.00
Mango Juice₱ 70.00
Mineral Water₱ 35.00
Orange Juice₱ 70.00
Pepsi₱ 75.00
Rootbeer Float₱ 90.00

Top Selling Items At Baliwag Philippines:

  • Baliwag Lechon: Baliwag’s famous roasted pig, cooked until it’s crispy on the outside and juicy inside, loved by Filipinos for special occasions.
  • Kare-Kare: A yummy stew made with peanut sauce, tender oxtail, and vegetables, a comforting Filipino dish enjoyed by many.
  • Pancit Malabon: Tasty noodles filled with shrimp, squid, and garlic sauce, a favorite for noodle lovers because of its delicious flavor.
  • Halo-Halo: A cool dessert with shaved ice, sweet fruits, jellies, and creamy leche flan on top, perfect for cooling off in hot weather.
  • Crispy Pata: A delightful pork dish with crispy skin and tender meat, loved by diners who can’t get enough of its crunchiness.
  • Bangus Sisig: A creative twist on sisig, made with marinated milkfish, grilled just right, and mixed with onions, chili, and calamansi for a tangy kick.

1. Delivery Services At Baliwag Philippines:

Baliwag Philippines offers delivery services for their Baliwag Lechon Menu, ensuring customers can enjoy their favorite Filipino delicacies from home. Ordering from their menu is simple, and their prompt deliveries mean you can relish the rich flavors of Baliwag’s renowned dishes without stepping out.

2. Career Opportunities At Baliwag Philippines:

You can work in different areas like food preparation, kitchen management, customer service, and hospitality. There’s plenty of room to grow and improve your skills within the organization. Joining the Baliwag Lechon Menu team is a rewarding experience where you can contribute to serving authentic Filipino flavours and warm hospitality to our valued customers.

Why Is Baliwag Lechon Popular – Explore Their Hype!

Baliwag Lechon Menu is popular because of its delicious roasted pig, known as Lechon, which is cooked until it’s crispy on the outside and juicy inside. People love the flavour and tenderness of the meat, making it a favourite dish for celebrations and gatherings. 

Additionally, the Baliwag Lechon Menu offers a variety of other tasty dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With its mouthwatering offerings and warm hospitality, the Baliwag Lechon Menu has earned a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

Video Of Baliwag Philippines – See How They Cook!

Location And Contact – Find Baliwag Lechon Menu Near Me!

1. Google Map Location:

LocationSM Foodcourt, DRT Highway, Brgy. Pagala, Baliuag, 3006, Bulacan
Delivery Hotline+63286337372
Opening And Closing HoursFriday To Thursday, 10 AM–9 PM
Number Of Categories17

2. Alternatives Of Baliwag Philippines:

  • “Flavors of the Archipelago”: A restaurant that offers many different kinds of food inspired by the Philippines. They mix traditional and new dishes to make your taste buds happy.
  • “Filipino Kitchen Delights”: A restaurant that serves real Filipino food. They have all the classic dishes and foods from different parts of the Philippines.
  • “Island Bites Restaurant”: A place where you can try lots of different foods from the Philippines. They have special dishes from different regions and new takes on old favorites.
  • “Indulge in a taste of Mexico at Alberto’s Menu Philippines“: A restaurant where you can try Mexican food. They have lots of flavors and dishes from Mexico that you can enjoy.

About Baliwag Philippines – Learn More!

Baliwag Lechon Menu Philippines is a well-known place for delicious food, showcasing the best of Filipino cuisine. Their menu has traditional dishes mixed with new flavors, giving customers a taste of the Philippines’ rich food culture. Baliwag Lechon Menu warmly welcomes locals and tourists, offering authentic dishes that everyone loves. It’s a special spot for those who want to experience the true essence of Filipino food.

1. Dining Options:

  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

2. Service Options:

  • Delivery
  • Takeout
  • Dine-in

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Baliwag Lechon Menu offer cooking classes or workshops?

Yes, Baliwag Lechon Menu occasionally hosts cooking classes or workshops where participants can learn to prepare traditional Filipino dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs. 

2. Can I purchase gift cards from Baliwag Lechon Menu?

Yes, Baliwag Lechon Menu offers gift cards that make perfect presents for friends and family who enjoy Filipino cuisine. Gift cards are available for purchase at the restaurant or through their website.

3. Does Baliwag Lechon Menu support any charitable initiatives or community programs?

Yes, they actively participates in various charitable initiatives and community programs aimed at giving back to the local community. Customers can inquire about ongoing efforts or upcoming events where they can contribute or get involved.

Is the Baliwag Lechon Menu available for catering events?

Yes, Baliwag Lechon Menu offers catering services for events such as parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings. Customers can choose from a variety of menu options to suit their event’s needs.


Baliwag’s menu takes you on a delicious journey through Filipino food. They have a mix of traditional recipes, fresh seafood dishes, and creative new flavours. Whether you’re a local wanting to enjoy your culture’s food or a visitor keen to try Filipino cuisine, Baliwag’s menu has something for everyone. 

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