Angel's Pizza Menu Price Philippines

Angel’s Pizza Menu Price Philippines – Updated In 2024!

Are you in the mood for eating delicious pizza? Angel’s Pizza in the Philippines is the perfect place to find amazing flavors and great quality. Join me as I share my experience exploring the yummy pizzas at Angel’s Pizza. Get ready for a tasty journey that will make you want more!

If you’re interested in knowing the Angel’s Pizza menu price , you’ll love their tasty options. Meat lovers should try the Meat Mania pizza with ham, bacon, pepperoni, and Italian sausage.

Owned by the Liu family, Angel’s Pizza is committed to serving delicious and affordable pizzas for everyone to enjoy.If you prefer veggies, go for the Garden Delight pizza topped with fresh vegetables and herbs. Check out Angel’s Pizza menu prices for a yummy dining experience!

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Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices In The Philippines 2024 — Discover Delicious Deals!

Angel’s Pizza Philippines makes delicious pizzas with fresh ingredients. They use locally sourced vegetables and premium meats to ensure each pizza is full of flavor. The ingredients are carefully chosen for freshness and great taste.

When you eat a pizza from Angel’s Pizza, you’re enjoying some of the best quality pizza in town. They take pride in serving tasty and satisfying pizzas, making Angel’s Pizza a great place to enjoy a delicious meal. 

Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices All Day For Breakfast — Start Your Day Right!

Chorizo Rice Bakes₱ 140.00
Mexican Beef Wrap₱ 140.00
Rise N Shine₱ 140.00

Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices —- Taste Deliciousness At Amazing Value!

Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Angel’s Supreme (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Angel’s Supreme (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Angel’s Supreme (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Angel’s Pepperoni (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Angel’s Pepperoni (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Angel’s Pepperoni (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Garlic Shrimp (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Garlic Shrimp (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Garlic Shrimp (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Cheesy Burger (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Cheesy Burger (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Cheesy Burger (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Toppings So Bongga (Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Toppings So Bongga (Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Toppings So Bongga (Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
All Meat (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
All Meat (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
All Meat (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Garden of Eden (Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Garden of Eden (Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Garden of Eden (Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Buffalo Chicken (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Buffalo Chicken (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Buffalo Chicken (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Chicken Aloha (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Chicken Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Chicken Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Angels Aloha (Medium 9″)₱ 320.00
Angels Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 460.00
Angels Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 540.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Triple Threat (Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Triple Threat (Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
All Meat Texas BBQ (Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
All Meat Texas BBQ (Family 12″)₱ 515.00
All Meat Texas BBQ (Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00

Angel’s Pizza Pasta Menu With Prices – Explore Pasta Perfection!

Classic Spaghetti Regular₱ 95.00
Carbonara Regular₱ 105.00
Mac & Cheese₱ 115.00
Asian Chicken Pasta₱ 115.00
Cheesy Lasagna₱ 165.00
Spaghetti Platter with 8 pcs Bread Stick₱ 315.00
Carbonara Platter with 4 pcs Bread Stick₱ 355.00
Mac and Cheese Platter₱ 355.00
Asian Chicken Pasta Platter₱ 355.00
Tomato Cream and Shrimp Penne₱ 180.00

Angel’s Pizza Double Deal Menu Prices —- Double The Joy, Half The Cost!

All Meat (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
All Meat (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’s Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’s Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Garden of Eden (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Garden of Eden (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’s Pepperoni (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’s Pepperoni (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’s Supreme (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’s Supreme (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Buffalo Chicken (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Buffalo Chicken (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Cheesy Burger (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Cheesy Burger (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Chicken Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Chicken Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Garlic Shrimp (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Garlic Shrimp (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Toppings So Bongga (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Toppings So Bongga (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Triple Threat (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Triple Threat (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00

Angel’s Pizza Double Decker Menu Prices —- Elevate Your Mealtime!

Cheesy Melt (Big Family 14″)₱ 705.00
Cheesy Burger (Big Family 14″)₱ 705.00

Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices Of Combo Meals – Dive Into Flavor!

1 pc. Chicken & Carbonara₱ 155.00
1pc. Chicken & Spaghetti₱ 155.00
1pc. Chicken & Rice₱ 120.00
2pcs. Chicken & Rice₱ 200.00
Chicken Bucket (6 pax)₱ 585.00
Angel’s Bucket of 6 (served with 4pcs rice & 1.5L Coke)₱ 735.00
Chicken Nuggets with Golden Curls₱ 215.00
1 Pc. Chicken, Rice & Golden Curls₱ 210.00
1pc Chicken, Pasta & Golden Curls₱ 240.00

Angel’s Pizza Side Items Prices —- Enhance Meal With Delicious Sides!

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings₱ 279.00
Parmesan Chicken Wings₱ 279.00
Buffalo Wild Wing₱ 279.00
Tacos₱ 70.00
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs)₱ 130.00
Bread Sticks (6 pcs)₱ 30.00
Golden Curls₱ 100.00

Menu Angel’s Pizza Calzone Prices —- Experience Calzone Heaven!

Ham, Beef and Mushroom₱ 85.00
Bacon₱ 85.00
Tuna₱ 85.00

Angel’s Pizza Desserts Prices —- Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Halo-Halo₱ 105.00
Brownies₱ 100.00
Apple Crumble Turnover₱ 55.00

Angel’s Pizza Add Ons Prices – Delicious Extras!

Sour Cream₱ 20.00
Parmesan Cheese₱ 40.00
Plain Cheese Sauce₱ 20.00
Tangy Tomato₱ 20.00

Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices Of Sana Ol – Have A Look!

SANA OL PAMILYA(1 Big Family Pizza, 5 pcs Fried Chicken, 2 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 999.00
SANA OL BARKADA(1 Family Pizza, 1 Chicken Wings, 2 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 819.00
SANA OL JOWA(1 Medium Pizza, 1 Chicken Wings, 1 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 679.00

Angel’s Pizza Drinks Prices – Refreshing Drinks!

1.5 Coke₱ 95.00
Coke in can₱ 55.00
Sprite in can₱ 55.00
1.5L Coke Zero₱ 95.00
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Real Leaf Tea₱ 55.00
Minute Maid₱ 50.00
16oz Iced Tea₱ 35.00
12oz Iced Tea₱ 25.00
1L Cucumber Lemonade₱ 95.00

Allergen Table For Angel’s Pizza Philippines —- Stay Informed!

Menu ItemAllergens Present
Margherita PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese)
Pepperoni PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Pork (pepperoni)
Hawaiian PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Pork (ham)
Vegetarian PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese)
Seafood PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Shellfish
Chicken WingsGluten (wheat), Soy, Poultry
Caesar SaladDairy (cheese), Fish (anchovies)
Garlic BreadGluten (wheat)
Spaghetti CarbonaraGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Pork (bacon)
Penne ArrabiataGluten (wheat)
TiramisuDairy (cheese), Eggs
Fruit SaladNuts (if included)
Soft DrinksNone
Iced TeaNone

Latest Deals At Angel’s Pizza —- Taste More, Pay Less!

Deal NameDescriptionValidity Dates
Family Feast1 Large Pizza, 1 Pasta, 6pcs Chicken Wings, 1.5L SodaApril 1 – April 30, 2024
Combo Saver2 Regular Pizzas, 1 Garlic Bread, 1.5L SodaApril 10 – April 20, 2024
Student Promo20% off for students with valid IDOngoing
Party Pack3 Large Pizzas, 2 Pasta Trays, 10pcs Chicken Wings, 2.5L SodaApril 15 – May 15, 2024
Happy Hour SpecialBuy 1 Regular Pizza, Get 1 Regular Pizza Free (3:00 PM – 5:00 PM)Mondays only
Weekday Lunch Deal10% off all items from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PMMonday to Friday

Nutrition Information About Angel’s Pizza Menu – Healthy Secrets!

The nutrition info for Angel’s Pizza shows how healthy each item is. Margherita Pizza has 250 calories and 10g fat per slice, while Seafood Pizza has 320 calories and 14g fat. Chicken Wings have 400 calories and 25g fat for 6 pieces.

Caesar Salad is lighter with 200 calories per serving. If you’re watching carbs, try Vegetarian Pizza or Penne Arrabiata. Pay attention to sodium levels too. Use this info to make healthier choices at Angel’s Pizza.

Angel’s Pizza provides detailed nutrition information for all menu items that help you to make healthy choices. Whether you prefer pizza, or opt for salads like Caesar Salad, you can easily check calories, fat, and other nutritional details.

They also offer pasta dishes, with clear nutritional values provided. This information empowers customers to enjoy their favorite meals while being mindful of their diet and health.

Angel’s Pizza Menu Prices Graph 2020-2024 – The Flavor Trends!

Menu Item2020 Price (PHP)2021 Price (PHP)2022 Price (PHP)2023 Price (PHP)2024 Price (PHP)
Margherita Pizza250260270280290
Pepperoni Pizza280290300310320
Hawaiian Pizza270280290300310
Vegetarian Pizza260270280290300
Seafood Pizza300310320330340
Chicken Wings200210220230240
Caesar Salad180190200210220
Garlic Bread150160170180190
Spaghetti Carbonara220230240250260
Penne Arrabiata210220230240250
Fruit Salad120130140150160
Soft Drinks5055606570
Iced Tea4550556065

Angel’s Pizza Philippines Menu Happy Hours—- Enjoy Tasty Bites!

DayHappy Hour TimeHappy Hour Deal
Monday3:00 PM – 5:00 PMBuy 1 Regular Pizza, Get 1 Regular Pizza Free
Tuesday4:00 PM – 6:00 PM50% off on all Pasta dishes
Wednesday2:00 PM – 4:00 PMFree Garlic Bread with the purchase of any Large Pizza
Thursday5:00 PM – 7:00 PM30% off on all Chicken Wings
Friday6:00 PM – 8:00 PMFree upgrade to a Large Pizza with the purchase of a Regular Pizza
Saturday1:00 PM – 3:00 PMFree Soft Drink with the purchase of any Pasta dish
Sunday12:00 PM – 2:00 PM20% off on all Family Combos

Rising Visitor Numbers at Angel’s Pizza Philippines – Experience Trend!

The number of visitors at Angel’s Pizza Philippines has been steadily increasing from January 2023 to March 2024. At the beginning in January 2023, there were 5,200 visitors, and this number has been going up each month. By March 2024, the number of visitors reached 8,600. 

This growth shows that more and more people are choosing to visit Angel’s Pizza, likely because they like the food and service. 

The peak in December 2023 and the continued increase into 2024 indicate that Angel’s Pizza is becoming a popular place to eat in the Philippines, attracting more customers over time. Explore Angel’s Pizza menu prices to see why it’s drawing so many visitors.

Hot Selling Items At Angel’s Pizza Philippines – Taste The Favorites!

  • All-Meat Pizza: This pizza is loved by meat enthusiasts as it comes loaded with ham, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Pepperoni Pizza: A timeless favorite, Angel’s Pizza serves a tasty pepperoni pizza with a thin crust, tangy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and plenty of pepperoni slices.
  • Hawaiian Pizza: Angel’s Pizza offers a delicious Hawaiian pizza that combines the sweetness of pineapple with savory ham and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust.
  • Four Cheese Pizza: Cheese lovers must try the Four Cheese Pizza, featuring a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and cream cheese for an extra cheesy treat.
  • Chicken Wings: Angel’s Pizza also serves delightful chicken wings, perfect as a side dish or appetizer, with a crispy exterior and tender meat inside.

Delivery Services At Angel’s Pizza Philippines – Enjoy Hot Pizza At Your Doorstep!

Angel’s Pizza Philippines makes it easy to get your favorite food delivered to you, even in Metro Manila. You can order online using their website or app, explore angel’s pizza menu prices at home, and enjoy a hassle-free delivery experience! 

They charge a fee for delivery, and you can pay either with cash when the food arrives or online using different payment options. The delivery time may vary, and you might be able to track your order to see where it is.

Payment Options At Angel’s Pizza – GGives!

At Angel’s Pizza, customers can conveniently use GCash as a payment method. This includes options like GCash QR for scanning to pay instantly or using GGives and GCredit for deferred payment. 

With GCash, customers can enjoy discounts and promotions, such as getting 30% off on medium pizzas during specified periods like the #GCashToSchool campaign. This provides flexibility and ease of payment for a more enjoyable dining experience at Angel’s Pizza.

Video Of Angel’s Pizza Menu Price Philippines – Feast Your Eyes!

Location Of Angel’s Pizza – Reach Out Today!

Google Map Location’s+pizza/@14.5664011,120.980915,12.62z?entry=ttu

Angel’s Pizza Philippines Restaurant Information:

Restaurant NameAngel’s Pizza Philippines
LocationB-4 L21, President’s Ave, Parañaque, 1780 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63289222222
Opening And Closing HoursSunday To Saturday, Open 24 Hours
Number Of Categories12

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is the average price range for pizzas at Angel’s Pizza?

 Angel’s Pizza menu price offers a range of pizza options with prices typically starting from PHP 200 and varying based on size and toppings.

2. Are there any special discounts or promotions available on Angel’s Pizza menu prices?

Yes, Angel’s Pizza often runs promotions such as combo deals or discounts on specific days of the week. Check their website or inquire when ordering for current offers.

3. Do Angel’s Pizza menu prices include taxes and delivery charges?

Angel’s Pizza menu price usually exclude taxes and delivery charges. Be sure to confirm total costs when placing an order.

4. Can I customize my pizza at Angel’s Pizza, and are there additional charges for extra toppings?

Yes, Angel’s Pizza allows customization with extra toppings available at an additional cost. Customers can personalize their pizzas to suit their preferences.

Ending Note:

When considering Angel’s Pizza menu prices, you’ll find a diverse selection of delicious pizzas at affordable rates. They offer customization options and occasional discounts to make dining more enjoyable and budget-friendly. 

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